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Despite some name-related confusion (not "Respecticles", not "Retrotesticles"), our new CD "Retrospectacles" is out! A ninteen-song dose of listener-love done like only Sinkhole can. See the Ringing Ear Records page for details on how to get a copy of your own cheap.

Alternately, you could sit there feverishly combing the Internet for all 19 mp3s, waiting, waiting for someone who actually managed to part with the eight bucks to encode and post them for you. I dare you. One of Sinkhole's many claims to fame is the fact that we have never once been mp3'd by a person not in the band. There's a simple reason for that, and it's not uncrackable encryption. We call it "uncryptable encraption", and it's an innovation we are not at liberty to share.

This record represents our effort to say to the fan "Yeah, we sure did have a lot of giant hits, sure our tours consisted of 120 consecutive sold-out nights at Wembley Stadium, definitely we are interested in your sister's new phone number, absolutely we should have called before coming over with those hookers the day of your bat mitzvah, positively we're going to get the C/V joints fixed and get the Gremlin inspected, registered and back on the road so we can follow through on the very serious commitment we made to Mister Jimmy to get those papers delivered courteously and promptly by 7:30 AM six days a week."

Sinkhole played its last show at the party for the wedding of our
very own Thatcher Ulrich and his lovely bride Julie Livingston
on August 2nd, 1997.

It's all friendly, no hard feelings (except over that incident where Chris
unintentionally sold Jon's sister into slavery.) We're just busy, geographically
dispersed, and anxious to form new bands and cash in on the whole
techno thing.

Thanks to anyone who paid attention to our antics over the
past 5 years. It meant a lot to us.

"Love em or hate em you can't express too much dissatisfaction
because their intellects combined could cause you a lot of trouble."
Josh Hooten, Commodity #5

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Retrospectacles CD Doctor Strange 077
12 Chart-Toppers plus our last 7-song demo
Waterbug, Never Is Now, Lightbulb, Wreck On The Highway, See-Through,
Tumble Mat, Spooge, Fudge Bar, Smell Isn't Everything, Dogstein, Donut,
and Go Ahead, Eat My Pretzels.

Split 7" with New Sweet Breath Ringing Ear 016
2 songs from each band
Core Sample LP/CD Ringing Ear 015
Recorded by Mark Trombino
12 Songs, Not half bad
Split 7" with The Queers Ringing Ear 008
2 songs from each band
Space Freak LP/CD Doctor Strange 028
Recorded by Mark Trombino
11 songs
Thatcher's favorite
Tumble Mat 7" Doctor Strange 027
3 songs
Features "Heartbreaker"
Donkey 7" Ringing Ear 008
3 songs
Rips Dando a new one
Groping For Trout CD/CS Ringing Ear 002
12 songs
The title's from Shakespeare, ok?
Stool 7" Ratfish Records
3 songs
100% acid jazz
Other Stuff
"Filler" on How 2B Punk
"Casemaker" on Punk USA
"Wild Stag" on Water Music
"Girlfriends" on Xanadu: Music for the Future
"Heemsoth" on I Can't Believe it's not Water!
"Door" and "Gas Chamber" on More Bounce to the Ounce
"Don't Ask Why" on Punk: It's All About the Orchis Factor
"You've Got Another Thing Coming" on The Spandex Experiment



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"What I do have a problem with are Sinkhole's whiney jokes. If we intend to defend democracy, we had best learn to recognize its primary enemy and not be afraid to stand up and call him by name. That name is Sinkhole."